All of the Above

All of the Above

All of the Above

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Imagine a place where a world of music, colour and scent combine, surrounding and engaging you, the audience, in a glorious tri-sensory experience. Each composition is influenced by the colours in the visible spectrum corresponding with a mood experienced when listening to the songs as they flow through different musical styles; including rock, pop, acoustic and orchestral. Most people are aware of the influence of colour on our moods and emotions, the subjective power of a particular image, and the manner in which music can move us deeply. Combining these with a sense of smell produces a powerful sensory experience. An experience of this unique event will positively change perception of our world.

The Use of Colour in the Live event – Colour is energy, in varying wavelengths of light, and can profoundly affect us physically, spiritually and emotionally. Every cell in the body needs light energy; colour can affect the well-being of our whole system. Aroma therapy interacting with the songs and colours. Our senses of hearing, sight and smell will react not only to the physical artistic experience, but also to the vibrational aspects of the music, colour and scent. Each aspect vibrates at a different frequency and can overlap, influencing us in a very deep and meaningful way. For the production, the oils used are certain blends of plant extracts correlated specifically to the aspects and moods of the songs and colours. The fragrances are not overpowering but will be used sparingly as a subtle compliment to the music and imagery.


All of the Above was created as a stand alone concept – involving a rock symphony, light, visuals and scent as well as a compliment for charity partnerships and fundraising. Part of the concept involves positive, inspirational acts for humanity and the environment which are often promoted through charities. A sold out showcase of the soundtrack took place on October 2008 in London. All the proceeds from this well received event were donated to Action Aid’s Bollocks to Poverty, resulting in the largest donation by any musical event up to that point in time.

Thank you to all the people helped with the event, to the band; Alison Fleming, Buj Stapley, Poppy Gonzalez, Steve Gee, and to those who attended and special thanks to String, Lee Harris, River Styx and Gareth Redfarn.

This event is intended for a large format, with digitally enhanced visuals and colour making creating a multi-dimensional, life enhancing sensory experience for all ages. Buj Stapley – Rebecca Ravenhill – Miklos Power and Hugh Gadsdon have all given their time and energy to the development of the live soundtrack showcase. Thank you.

CreditsPlayed, arranged and produced by Tony Lowe at TLP London. Mastered by Gareth Redfarn. Cover design, photography and art direction by Chris Taesali. A Michelle and Al Gomes. Executive Production Cheryl Stringall. Partners Alison Fleming – co-writer – All of the Above

Review of All of the Above CD by Music Street Journal

“This is an amazing concept CD. Each track composed and produced by Tony Lowe and Allison Fleming is influenced by the colors in the visible spectrum corresponding with a mood that it is experienced when listening to the songs, which move through different musical styles; including rock, pop, acoustic and orchestral. Featuring the vocals and musicianship of both Lowe and Fleming this is a unique journey through the spectrum of moods in music.”

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