ESP – Invisible Din  – “Evocative and ambitious.…From the first moments of Overture it’s apparent that we’re dealing with quality…Stylistically, this is solid classic/symphonic prog.” GMM – PROG Magazine January 2017

‘Invisible Din’ is good. Oh, it’s good alright. This is big, important Prog… Steve SwiftFireworks

“Invisible Din is an excellent album, the kind that the leaders of prog used to make, fashioned over hours of careful and thorough practice….a wonderland of sounds that will take you back to a different era. Get this album and experience music made by consummate professionals, the way it used to be. Professor Mark – The Progressive Aspect


Human Sleeping – “The prog-de-resistance here is the 11 minute ‘The Dream Corridor’ Tony Lowe and Simon TownshendIf Steve Hogarth was female and Marillion went a bit new age, it may well sound like this.“  David Randall – Review at Get Ready to Rock

Cold Reading“It’s all rather beautiful in a gothic way…still symphonic but warmer and more assured – suggests they’ve much to offer the prog revival.” Full review in January 2014 issue of PROG.

With Cold Reading you have an album that the classic prog purists will be salivating over with its mix of timeless movements and traditionally styled songs successfully captivating your attention as its mix of sweeping sounds envelops you with its carefully blended mix of synth based sounds, perfectly recreating that original progressive sound from all those years ago.” – Firebrand – Issue No. 15 

This is a very enjoyable album, with well constructed songs and great guitar finesse provided by Tony Lowe, who also produced the album.Guitar Techniques

Tony Lowe’s live playing is a “soaring blues rock riot“, and much more on different releases currently being reviewed and released, including Simon Townshend’s new album, Denial. Read the excellent reviews (and interviews) on Tony’s production, composition, guitar, bass and drum programming on Bram Stoker’s ‘Cold Reading’.

Numerous reviews are available at Sunn Creative


“Electric Friends in San Francisco” – Simon Townshend Webcast

Electric Friends in San Francisco*Update -This stream can now be seen HERE on Yahoo Music.

Due to overwhelming demand Simon Townshend’s FREE stream from TRI Studios will be broadcast once again for UK/Europe fans on Sunday Dec 2nd 730pmGMT/1130amPST

Tony Lowe, along with Scott Devours (drums) and Dave Beste (bass) will be playing on Simon Townshend’s streaming webcast filmed at TRI Studios in San Francisco area (owned by Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead) this Sunday the 25th of Nov at 6:00 pm PST.

Press Release

sunn creative music is proud to announce the release of ‘reflector’ by Tony Lowe on October 20, 2011, the first album released on the new sunn creative, artist run label.

“reflector…Simply stunning. Precise and soulful guitar playing accompanies nine immaculately crafted songs. A captivating listening experience from a true musical genius.” Alison Porter

“from the superbly imaginative guitar work of the title track, ‘reflector’ to the sublime romance of ‘fly with angels’, this album certainly reflects the song-writing ability of a highly respected musical talent.” Colin Shears

“‘reflector’, the latest gem from Tony Lowe, is such a beautiful album. His unique voice and virtuoso guitar skills are perfect for the thought-provoking, meaningful lyrics. This is spine-tingling music that you’ll want to listen to over and over again; music to be uplifted and inspired by.” Lisa Tenzin-Dolma

“Wow. Music the way they used to make it.” Read entire review here by Brian Talgo

sunn creative is committed to quality independent artistic expression through art, music, word and media, sunn creative music is dedicated to the music of Tony Lowe (Composer, Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter) and Tony Lowe Productions (Arranger/Producer).

Over the last ten years Tony has released four albums including two collaborations with Alison Fleming (which made the ballots for the Grammys in fourteen categories in two years), and a well reviewed atmospheric-improvised CD collaboration with Yumi Hara Cawkwell. He is also working with Simon Townshend on a new CD (2012 release) and a new Album project with Alison Fleming.

Tony is passionate about human rights, the peace campaign and the environment; these issues are often reflected in his heartfelt lyrics and evocative music. Creator of the inspirational multi-media concept All of the Above, he believes music can be a force for positive change.

Recently Tony played a set at the Bedford, London for the International Day of Peace, a Global Internet Broadcast event broadcast on Peace Day TV, streaming year around. In 2010, this broadcast went to over 2 million viewers.

We are streaming various tracks from ‘reflector’ on both the sunn creative and Tony Lowe websites – come on by to have a listen!

“Play it from start to finish and you’ll find the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Flaunting the craft and lush production values of yesteryear, yet sounding as fresh as your morning coffee, this is clearly the stuff of a genuine musician. You can feel the combination of care, talent and true emotion that unobtrusively permeate each and every song.” Brian Talgo

Peace Day Press Release

sunn creative Releases “reflector” by Tony Lowe