“Thank you for the incredible music you create. It’s really very beautiful, and definitely in my top favorites.” ~ Kristin- Colorado.

Tony on TV in Paris

Tony on TV in Paris

“Tony I love the sound and creativity of your music. So much talent, and wonderful music to share.” ~ Dom Bianco – Rocky Point – New York

“Hey Tony! I see you are still making wonderful music, it’s sounding very good indeed, but that’s no surprise!” ~ Poppy Gonzales- Hush Collector – Brighton

“Hello Tony, Your music is world class, I love it!!! All the best.” ~ Alexis Van Eeckhout – Brabant – Belgium

“Tony Lowe … We have come to express our respect and admiration of the mighty and divine sound you create into this world. Truly you inspire…” ~ Gaslight District – San Diego, California

“Hi Tony, Your music is fantastic. – All the best for the future.” ~Dave C. (Earth-Light Studios)

“I have just heard the soundtrack for ‘All of the Above’. Fabulous!!! I hear lyrics that move the soul. Wonderfully uplifting music!” Philip Petersen – USA

“I’ll be re-visiting this site many times in the future to hear these great tracks!” Peace.” ~ Andy Price – Yorkshire – UK

“I have still yet to meet a musician who understands my music as instinctively as Tony does. Quite simply, this man is a genius!” ~ Pat Orchard – Plymouth- UK

“Your music is absolutely beautiful Tony. Thank you for being here with us.” ~ Cornwall Voice for Animals. – UK

Tony playing piano

Tony playing piano

“Hi Tony, Love your music!” ~ World Party – London – UK

“Hi Tony. Great music! Keep on being inspiring. All best wishes from Seattle” ~ Hans York.

“All of the Above still knocks my socks off! What a work of art that is will be great to experience it live!!!” ~ Alecia Jensen – Colorado

“I can feel a lot through your music. Very nice craft and melodic age. I feel privileged to be added to this circle. Thank you” ~Allen Gutfield – Novato- California.

“Hi Tony, Your music is beautiful and wonderful to listen to.” ~ Samantha Schultz – Edmonton –Canada

“Hi Tony – Really enjoyed your music.” ~ Allison Cipris – New York

“Few people make music that captivates and inspires like Tony Lowe. His work comes from the heart and is truly ‘soul’ music. His lyrics and melodies reach out to connect us all at a deeper level. In addition to making such beautiful music, Tony is someone who cares deeply about human welfare, animals, nature and the injustice and inequality that can often prevail in this life, in essence a true humanitarian. I find Tony Lowe’s music to be truly inspirational. It allows one to drop into their heart and soul immediately. It showers one with deep emotion and movement. His music is a true reflection of him as a person, someone whom is full of love, sensitivity and compassion. I am blessed to have known Tony and to have his music in my life. He truly makes a difference.” ~ P. Stringall, California

“Very cool, love those chord changes, very original, sounds awesome. Alison’s singing gives it something really other worldly. Consummate musician and artist, legendary guitarist, and extremely talented imaginative producer…” ~ Miklos Power

“Words can’t describe the beauty of this album. Music from the heart of a wizard. Stunning and powerful…Music from the heart!” ~ Ashling – London