Dream of the Gryllidae

Dream of the Gryllidae

Dream of the Gryllidae – Yumi Hara & Tony Lowe

Dream of the Gryllidae released 22 November 2010 – is an atmospheric, improvised soundscape featuring the haunting, ethereal voice of Yumi, accompanied by her inimitable piano style and Tony’s elemental and searing guitar, this CD invokes a feeling of abstract otherworldliness.

Yumi Hara Cawkwell, a winner of a number of awards in composition, collaborated with David Cross (King Crimson) and Hugh Hopper (Soft Machine) amongst others, and regularly performs her work at concerts around the world. She is known for her unique ability to ‘jump from pure improvisation to strict compositional accuracy within the same thematic storyline’.

Dream of the Gryllidae on Tony Lowe and Amazon MP3 downloads.

Review Extract – “The guitar is nimble with its growlings, belting out riffs capable of searing paint from walls,then issuing delicate strumming designed to instill a heavenly dreamstate.Whether displaying intensity or delicacy, Lowe shows a remarkable mastery not only of the instrument but to the diverse emotional potential inherent in both sonic directions.” Sonic Curiousity