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“Electric Friends in San Francisco” – Simon Townshend Webcast

Electric Friends in San Francisco*Update -This stream can now be seen HERE on Yahoo Music.

Due to overwhelming demand Simon Townshend’s FREE stream from TRI Studios will be broadcast once again for UK/Europe fans on Sunday Dec 2nd 730pmGMT/1130amPST

Tony Lowe, along with Scott Devours (drums) and Dave Beste (bass) will be playing on Simon Townshend’s streaming webcast filmed at TRI Studios in San Francisco area (owned by Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead) this Sunday the 25th of Nov at 6:00 pm PST.

July 2013 Tony Lowe

Tony is back in the studio for the summer after playing eight shows with Simon Townshend in June. A big thanks to all that came along. The next gig with Simon is the Looe Festival in Cornwall on Sept 28. Till then Tony is back behind the mixing desk with three very exiting projects to complete.

At the end of July he will be producing an EP with the very talented Chris Gray. The prog project Tony has been working on for the last year will be revealed and it is a phenomenal album, 55 minutes of pure prog rock. The David Cross Album will be released soon and we can’t wait for people to hear this. If you liked what David did with King Crimson you will absolutely love this album, ethereal magic by a virtuoso violinist. And finally the new album by Tony and Alison Fleming, he has weeks of work ahead on this one but it will be worth it and we expect a release sometime later this year on the ‘sunn creative’ label. Don’t forget to join our mailing list for free downloads throughout 2013 and to keep updated with news.

A Free Download every two weeks for 2013

Approximately every two weeks in 2013 we will be giving away a free download song from the TLP – Sunn Creative catalogue including music from Tony Lowe, Tony Lowe & Alison Fleming and some undisclosed new releases and collaborations. Tracks by Tony Lowe have been streamed over a quarter of a million times.

The downloads include instrumental tracks from Tony’s vast repertoire (over 80+ tracks) and some surprises. Tony’s repertoire and collaborations run from contemporary classical, jazz to indie rock, pop and prog. To receive a link to the free downloads, subscribe to Tony’s quarterly newsletter, HERE. Otherwise you can catch them one by one on his Facebook Page or at Sunn Creative. If you are already a subscriber, you will be receiving your link via our Spring Newsletter. Each download will be free for one month. Currently we have a gift for one lucky subscriber, a free copy of Lisa Tenzin Dolma’s book – ‘The Heartbeat at Your Feet: A Practical, Compassionate New Way to Train Your Dog’. Lisa wrote the lyrics to this months free download, ‘Mirror to Mirror’.

At present, we are selling back catalogue CDs for £7 or less, P&P inclusive (US, EU and UK) –  all CDs can be found in Tony’s Music Store, as well as MP3 download links. Lovely new review of ‘Second Nature’.

2013 Diary Update and 2012 Recap from Tony Lowe

David Cross and Tony LoweI started the year by co-producing an Album with Violinist, David Cross (King Crimson); a wonderfully evocative, instrumental work grown from the famous Starless theme. The album will be out sometime soon and it was great working with David again after all these years.

We completed work on Simon Townshend’s album ‘Looking out Looking in’ and spent much of the year touring that with Simon. We finished recording new material for Simon’s next album with Mark Brzezicki (Big Country) on drums and Phil Spalding on bass; some stunningly brilliant new songs from Si on that one too. The Album is due out in the summer.  Tony Lowe and Simon Townshend

We signed a new project to the Sunn Creative label, producing an album in between live shows. We will be announcing this formidable musical force and release soon, which I also play guitar and bass on.

Alison FlemingIn February I start work on a new Album with Alison Fleming. She’s flying out in March to do vocals and we hope to release that by late summer. It’s a wonderful collection of songs and will be very different from the last one, Simon is on the road with The Who for the next few months but we expect to be back on the road promoting his next album after that. Here are the dates for Simon’s UK tour, hope to see you there!

There will also be the release of a project started 20 years ago but that’s a secret for now. 😉

Life is good! I am so lucky to be able to work creatively and with some of the best writers and performers around. This year also bought me a beautiful Granddaughter and that is the best blessing of all.