Tony LoweSinger/Songwriter, Composer, Guitarist and Producer Tony Lowe

“Music that stirs the soul” – Tony Lowe

Tony comes from a musical family in North West London. Self taught Piano at five years old and Guitar at ten. His Great Uncle was Cyril Watters, an award winning composer and arranger who wrote over 470 compositions and performed music for radio and television.

Since 1985 Tony has arranged, played on, and produced over 180 albums working with many different artists, producers and labels. As well as touring as a guitarist worldwide, he was an in-house session player and played on numerous records at Trident studios in London. Since then has written music for TV, Film and Theatre.


CROSSOVER – David Cross & Peter Banks, Pat Mastelotto, Tony Kaye, Billy Sherwood, Randy Raine-Reusch, Andy Jackson, Oliver Wakeman, Jay Schellen, Jeremy Stacey, Geoff Downes.

ESP Project including: ESP – ‘reverie’ feat: Tony Lowe – ‘innerlife’ feat: Tony Lowe, Alison Fleming – ‘Anarchic Curves’ feat: Tony Lowe – Peter Coyle, Pete Clark, Dave Etheridge, Cheryl Stringall – ‘phenomena’ ‘THE RISING’ & ‘three’ feat: Damien Child, Greg Pringle, Pete Clark –  ESP 2.0’22 Layers of Sunlight’ – feat. Peter Coyle, Mark Brzezicki, ESP ‘Invisible Din’ feat. David Cross [King Crimson], David Jackson [Van der Graaf Generator] Mark Brzezicki [Big Country, Phil Collins, Sting, Procol Harum, The Cult, Midge Ure], Phil Spalding [Elton John, Mick Jagger, Robbie Williams, Mike Oldfield, Toyah Wilcox, Seal, Steve Hackett, GTR], John Young [Lifesigns, Asia], Steve Gee [Landmarq, John Wetton, Pete Banks], Yumi Hara [Daevid Allen, Chris Cutler, Hugh Hopper] –

STARLESS STARLIGHT – David Cross & Robert Fripp

Simon Townshend [The Who] – Bram Stoker ‘Cold Reading’ – Alison Fleming – Chris Gray – Yumi Hara – Gari Glaysher – John FoxxToyah Willcox – Pat Orchard – Poppy Gonzalez – Jose Charles – VVV – Flying Colours – Dean Johnson – Rukiza Okera.


David Cross – David Jackson – Julian Lennon – Pet Tony LoweShop Boys – Simon Townshend – Roger Daltrey – Peter Coyle – Mark Brzezicki – Mike Peters – Modern English – Bram Stoker – Zoh and Nazia Hassan – B Movie – Phil Ramone – BBC Children in Need – Pat Orchard – Visage – Pooka – Nicola Hitchcock – Belouis Some – Julien Clerc – Toyah Willcox – Ben Chapman – Soulseekerz – Poppy Gonzalez –  Alison Fleming – Phil Spalding – Steve Gee – Mickey Simmonds – Greg Pringle – Pete Clark, Damien Child and many more.


22 Layers – Peter Coyle & Tony Lowe – ‘Travelling Alone’ – release 25/09/202

ESP Project – ‘phenomena’ – release 04/09/20

22 Layers Peter Coyle & Tony Lowe – ‘LoAdeD’ – release 03/07/20

David Cross & Peter Banks – Crossover – release 17/01/20


ESP Project – ‘The Rising’ – release 11/10/19

ESP Project – ‘three’ – release 19/01/19


ESP 2.0 – ’22 LAYERS OF SUNLIGHT’ – release 20/04/18


Lowe & Brzezicki’s ESP – ‘Invisible Din’ is a unique symphonic progressive rock concept album and a collaboration between Tony Lowe & Mark Brzezicki (Big Country – Procol Harum) as well as musicians from King Crimson, Van der Graaf Generator, GTR, Lifesigns, and Landmarq, amongst others. Touching upon the musical realms of Brand X, Alan Parsons, King Crimson with colours of Genesis and Yes, ‘Invisible Din’ is written and produced by Tony Lowe who recently co-produced the ‘Starless Starlight‘ album by David Cross & Robert Fripp, contributing to most of the arrangement and background composition as well as production.

Contributors on the album ‘Invisible Din’ are; Mark Brzezicki (Big Country, Procol Harum), David Cross (King Crimson), David Jackson (Van der Graaf Generator), Phil Spalding (Steve Hackett, GTR, Mike Oldfield), Steve Gee (Landmarq), John Young (Lifesigns), Pat Orchard, Alison Fleming & John Beagley and electric harp from Yumi Hara (Daevid Allen, Hugh Hopper).

Set for an 11th November 2016 release Lowe & Brzezicki’s ESP, Debut Album ‘Invisible Din’ can be compared to Genesis, King Crimson, Yes, Roger Waters, The Alan Parson’s Project and Brand X. REVIEWS

This promises to be a ground-breaking album and live band with an emphasis on great musicianship.

The new band, formed by Producer/Guitarist Tony Lowe, and Drummer Mark Brzezicki will be playing a number of events in 2016-2017. The immensely talented Mickey Simmonds has joined the project and will be appearing at the album launch. Mickey has previously worked with Mike Oldfield, Fish, Camel and many others. More information and TICKETS


Currently Tony is producing, playing, and writing for a number of different projects. He released ‘Human Sleeping’ (July 1, 2014) with Alison Fleming and produced a new album, ‘Diamonds In Your Tree’ with singer-songwriter Chris Gray (April 6, 2015 release)

Starless Starlight (co-production), by David Cross (King Crimson) and Robert Fripp is due for a spring 2015 release and Tony working on other projects for 2015, including a new album co-written with David Cross as well as a new project, ESP, with special guests.

In April 2014, Simon Townshend released his new album, ‘Denial’, with Tony playing guitar and electric sitar alongside Simon, Mark Brzezicki, Phil Spalding, and Greg Pringle. Tony is also credited with Executive Production.

The new Bram Stoker album, ‘Cold Reading’ was released January 2014 with over 22 excellent reviews by music industry magazines and blogs. (Production, guitar, bass, extra keyboards, drum programming)

Tony has recently taken on the role of Producer and Creative Director for the sunn creative label. More can be read about his projects at Latest News.


Over the last twelve years Tony released eight albums including three collaborations with Alison Fleming (making the ballots for the Grammys in fourteen categories over two years), a well reviewed atmospheric-improvised CD collaboration with Yumi Hara Cawkwell, and a new solo album ‘reflector’ in late 2011. During 2012 Tony is working with Simon Townshend on Simon’s new music, with one CD released in 2012 and more to come. He also tours with Simon playing guitar and keyboards. Tony and Alison Fleming are also working on a new album project for 2014, and he co-produced an ‘Starless Starlight’ with Violinist, David Cross (King Crimson) & Robert Fripp, a wonderfully evocative, instrumental work grown from the famous Starless theme set for a Spring 2015 release. Tony’s production of classic prog group – Bram Stoker’s ‘Cold Reading’ in 2013/2014 was well received by the music press.

Tony is passionate about human rights, the peace campaign and the environment; these issues are often reflected in his heartfelt lyrics and evocative music. Creator of the inspirational multi-media concept All of the Above, he believes music can be a force for positive change.

September 2011, Tony played a set at the Bedford, London for the International Day of Peace, a Global Internet Broadcast event broadcast on Peace Day TV, streaming year around. In 2010, this broadcast went to over two million viewers.

Tony creates uplifting and inspiring music through a variety of genres but with an underlying English essence.


Review Extract from Dream of the Gryllidae – “The guitar is nimble with its growlings, belting out riffs capable of searing paint from walls, then issuing delicate strumming designed to instil a heavenly dreamstate. Whether displaying intensity or delicacy, Lowe shows a remarkable mastery not only of the instrument but to the diverse emotional potential inherent in both sonic directions.” Sonic Curiosity